About Us

The Sharpepoint Ecosystem

SharpePoint provides an Innovative Client-Centric Ecosystem with a Commonwealth Suite of Services and Advisors dedicated to the goal of a client’s Financial Unity.

The extensive menu provided by the SharpePoint Commonwealth Suite enhances and protects the well-being of our Clients, utilizing an unprecedented approach to planning with our Personalized Concierge Service for each Client.

SharpePoint’s Partners and Advisors have collectively over 50 years of experience, sharing a vast wealth of practical knowledge and formal education with our Clients.

Our Vision is to Empower Sustainability Through Collaborative Expertise.

Meet Our Team

Each of our qualified leaders takes a process-oriented approach, driven to get results, to managing and growing your wealth. With over 50 years of deep involvement in financial services, our advisors are true professionals in navigating even the most complex situations. As stewards of your financial future, we are bound by the promise to keep your interests front and center. We are committed to becoming your trusted confidants.

Brian Robinson CFP®

Financial Advisor & Partner

Brian is a Partner at SharpePoint and specializes in the areas of Asset Management & Strategies, Financial Planning, and Portfolio Allocation Strategies.

Trey Vineyard CFP®

Financial Advisor & Partner

Trey is a Partner at SharpePoint and specializes in the areas of Financial Planning, Compliance, Recruiting and Managing qualified advisors to assist them in achieving their objectives and goals.

James Regan AIF®

Financial Advisor & Partner

Jim is a Partner at SharpePoint and specializes in the areas Risk-Adjusted Investments Strategies and managing the Insurance Group division.

Kristen L. O’Dell

Dir. of Business Development & Financial Advisor

Kristen’s dedication to SynerG reflects over 25 years of experience in the Financial and Estate Protection arena.

Merian Dalou

Medicare and Insurance Specialist

Merian’s years of experience with Medicare and Life Insurance strategies help provide confidence for those moving toward the next chapter of their lives.

Daniel Laraway

Financial Advisor

With over 37 years of experience and a member of a powerful and knowledgeable team, Daniel provides solutions to solve issues regarding retirement, financial planning, and insurance.

Customized Plans to Meet Your Financial and Life Goals

Our philosophy is based on these fundamental principles.


We take a comprehensive approach to financial planning, incorporating investments, retirement planning, asset and tax management, insurance and estate conversions.


As an Independent Registered Investment Advisor, we have the flexibility to choose our investment management partners, allowing our advice to be objective and unbiased.


We conduct extensive research, choosing only investments capable of providing long-term liquidity, growth of principal and dampening volatility.


We seek first to understand your financial and life goals and personalize a financial strategy so that returns meet or exceed each client's needs and goals.


Our underlying objective is to balance growth while managing risks. This approach helps you prepare for both the best of times and the worst of times.


We emphasize active portfolio management, which allows us to make tactical investment decisions that take advantage of opportunities.