Create a paycheck for

Navigating retirement income planning includes a number of distinct challenges today:

Build an iPension

SharpePoint can help you create your own “Individual Pension” for retirement income to generate a paycheck for your retirement. Our iPension process works to align your savings and investments for retirement with anticipated income sources, such as Social Security, to create a structured and predictable lifetime income stream.

Our iPension process seeks to:

Identify Assets

Identifies your available income sources for retirement

  • Social Security
  • Employer Plans such as 401k or 403b
  • IRA / Roth IRA
  • Investments including interest and dividends
  • Savings
  • Annuities

Minimize Taxes

Assesses if those sources are held in the appropriate accounts to minimize taxes and risk, and if not, we provide a recommended plan for how to restructure.

Maximize Income

Creates an iPension income withdrawal plan to maximize your income, preserve your assets and minimize taxes throughout retirement and future generations.

When you stop working and the paychecks no longer arrive regularly, how will you replace them?

In Income Allocation: Enhance your Retirement Security with preface by firm partners, James Regan and Brian Robinson, you’ll discover how to keep the cash flowing in retirement like you did during your working years — regardless of how financial markets perform or how long retirement lasts.