The SynerG Solution

Our dynamic process of collaborative expertise powered by our SharpePoint SynerG Solution


Your Total Strategic Plan

We work using the SharpePoint SynerG Solution. Together, we look at the whole picture and identify all the possible elements you need to create a total strategic plan that empowers you to build and preserve wealth.  Our team will help you determine the right plan and using SharpePoint SynerG Services, will ensure that no stone is left unturned on your way to financial wellness.

Phase 1: Design

We will seek to understand your unique scenario and design a plan that meets your needs.
  • Understanding Objectives
  • Gathering Data
  • Define Core Strategies & Solutions
  • Conduct Investment, Risk & Tax Analysis

Phase 2: Implement

We review your core strategies and discuss recommended SynerG Services before execution.
  • Asset Preservation
  • Investment & Risk Management
  • Financial & Tax Planning
  • Estate & Legacy Planning

Phase 3: Safeguard

We monitor your plan with regular checkpoints, formal review, and adjustments.
  • Investment Allocation
  • Portfolio Monitoring
  • Client Review
  • Tactical Changes and Adjustments

Enhancing and Protecting Life Well-Lived