Risk Management Group

Our Risk Management Group Integrates decades of deep insurance expertise with our SYNERG process to help close the gaps.

Risk Management Group

Every individual has exposure to outside forces that are often beyond their control and may jeopardize the meticulous planning they have done and derailing the goals they have set.  An auto accident, a weather phenomenon, an unintended mishap causing damage or injury to others can all lead to lengthy and very costly litigation.  Entire fortunes can be at risk over the smallest of occurrences.

 Our Insurance Strategists ask the right questions, investigate the entire Synergy results and take action to protect the Client and close the gaps their current insurance programs may have.  Ownership, adequate limits and overlooked endorsements are common mistakes made in the Industry.  Our experts are highly trained to be intuitive to our Client’s possible exposures.  Unity can only be achieved when our Client’s personal and financial goals are cohesive.

 Along with our Strategic Partner, Colorado Insurance, the Risk Management Group has access to a variety of A-rated Insurance Carriers and will diligently evaluate the needs of our clients and match them to the best available company, thus utilizing the independent market with freedom of choice.   Alongside Colorado Insurance, our clients appreciate the extensive training and support of over 80 vested professionals that care to their every need, from questions to claims.

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Home Insurance

Your Homeowners’ Insurance policy is protecting one of your biggest assets, thus being a crucial segment of your personal insurance plan.  The tremendous benefits these policies provide are often overlooked or misunderstood, and the vast majority of existing policies will have gaps in coverage that can easily be addressed.  Homeowners’ policies have many moving parts and variable limits, so understanding the provisions and limitations of your policy and applying available endorsements when necessary will potentially alleviate large financial losses and much heartache.  SharpePoint’s Risk Management Group takes the time to educate our clients, and they rely on decades of expertise to craft the most comprehensive packages available on the market today, including many provisions that most insurance agents don’t understand and fail to provide.  The result for our treasured clients is having full confidence and faith that SharpePoint Risk Management Group has taken every precaution in protecting not only their assets, but also their financial future from unforeseen but preventable damage.

Auto Insurance

Over 50% of all automobile accidents end up with attorney involvement.  When we think of auto accidents we often tend to focus only on our own vehicle’s damage, or of someone else being at fault.  But in our litigious society, understanding the limitations and policy triggers on our own insurance is crucial.  It would be devastating to have worked a lifetime to accumulate wealth and prepare for a comfortable retirement, only to have it all jeopardized due to an automobile accident resulting in a lawsuit that is not entirely covered by insurance.  At SharpePoint Risk Management Group, our experienced Insurance Strategists work hard to prepare for and potentially prevent those devastating financial losses by providing the absolute best possible insurance coverage available for our clients.  Knowledge is power, and education is the best service we can deliver.

Scheduled Personal Property

Many clients are surprised to find out at the time of a claim that certain possessions are not covered by insurance the way they expected.  Many assets are limited by insurance companies, but there are ways to address this gap.  Jewelry, Artwork, Collectibles, Home Business Equipment, Antiques, Boats, Medical Devices, Off Road Vehicles, Campers are all examples of items that can be insured for their full value on a separate schedule.  Having a comprehensive evaluation with SharpePoint’s Risk Management Group will uncover some of these areas of concern, and allow our clients an opportunity to make an educated decision about their personal coverage.


When do you have enough coverage?  What is liability insurance and how does it protect me?   What is an umbrella and when is necessary?  Comprehensive planning and education by SharpePoint Risk Management Group provides our clients with not only the answers, but also the confidence that their insurance portfolios will be accurate and customized specifically to them.

Business Insurance

Business complexities are vast, and so are the insurances that cover them.  At SharpePoint Risk Management Group, we have an expert and dedicated team that solely focuses on the needs and comprehensive protection critical for business owners.  A loss to a business often impacts more than just property or liability, it can also affect the income and livelihoods of many individuals counting on the continuation of that business.  Our experts will evaluate and educate our clients on the best program available for their business, whether it is a small venture or a large empire.

With some foresight and critical thought, some risks that at first glance may seem unforeseen, can in fact be foreseen.  Armed with the right set of tools, procedures, knowledge and insight, light can be shed on variables that lead to risk, allowing us to manage them. 

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