Private Client Group

We demystify the process of reaching financial independence.


As part of our private client group, we work in unison to design and implement a plan to achieve your life and financial goals.  

Our team uses the SynerG Solution + Services to ensure that no stone is left unturned on your way to financial wellness.


Charitable Giving & Legacy Planning

Protecting your wealth with intention and purpose. Empowering you with the essential guidance to ensure that your legacy will prosper. 

Estate & Advanced Planning

Distribution of tangible assets and directives for health care can be tricky. It is imperative that you make these decisions while you are able. Forward planning with advanced services, like deferred sales trusts may be an option for you. Together, we ensure your wishes and desires will be honored at every stage of life and beyond.

Retirement Planning

Goals for retirement are ever-changing as we move from accumulation to distribution to succession. Our Retirement Strategists monitor every phase, giving your contributions constant attention and evaluation.

Asset management

Strategically planning & protecting your investments through allocation, rebalancing, and continuous monitoring, to ensure your wealth can weather any storm. Learn more>>>

Strategic Tax Coaching

The SynerG Solution evaluates the impact of your financial choices on your tax liabilities to ensure your accumulation potential is optimal.

Insurance Management

We simplify the understanding of life insurance, long-term care, Medicare, disability & annuities. Learn more>>>

Risk Management

The SynerG Solution examines your needs and recommends the right coverage to protect and preserve the foundation you have built. Learn more>>>

Education Planning

We work together to create the right financial plan to ensure your loved ones have the educational options to succeed, no matter what their dream.

Financial Freedom is less about Financials and more about FREEDOM

Manoj Arora

Enhancing and Protecting Life Well-Lived