An investment philosophy designed for
today’s rapidly changing market.

Balancing growth & risk in an ever-changing market.

Our portfolios seek to balance growth and manage risk through diversification. We formulate our asset allocation convictions based on forward-looking expectations of the markets and economic environments. We search for investments with consistent returns that perform well in economic downturns and are always proactively looking for risk-appropriate opportunities in sectors based on economic indicators, earnings, and expectations.

Thorough fundamental
research & analysis.

As an independent firm, we are nimble and able to make decisions on allocations based on the culmination of intellectual capital, experience, and extensive in-house research. From ETFs, mutual funds and individual securities to real estate investment trusts (REITs) and business development companies (BDCs) — we take a very thorough approach in choosing companies with whom to entrust your assets and that align with your Total Strategic Plan.

Proactive management
& constant contact.

The economy moves at lightning speed; you have to keep up or get left behind. We regularly monitor portfolios to maintain alignment with intended allocations, responding to market changes, volatility, portfolio drift and global events to help you maintain optimal positioning over time. When headlines break, we are there to make sense of it all and examine the ramifications on your portfolio.

Stay informed as breaking news may impact your investments or financial plan.

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Let us fit together the many pieces of your financial plan by providing asset management that is transparent and strategic.