Personalized, transparent
investment management.

Your financial and life goals are the driving focus of all our services — including investment management. As stewards of your financial future, we are bound by the promise to serving your best interest as we work to:

  • Understand your goals and risk tolerance
  • Customize an investment plan to fit your needs and timelines
  • Choose the appropriate investment vehicles through meticulous analysis and research
  • Actively managing your assets to ensure you stay on track to meet goals

How do I know what investments are right for me?

The world of investing can feel overwhelming, with many left questioning what they own and why. At
SharpePoint, we consider your investments a component within your Total Strategic Plan, taking a comprehensive
perspective analyzed in unison with your overall financial wellbeing and objectives. No decision is made in a
vacuum because each asset selection affects the other.

Tailored Portfolios

In most instances, we start by selecting one of our core investment models and then customize to your needs. We align the core portfolio based on your objectives and the environment while adding traditional and alternative assets when appropriate to help diversify and potentially enhance returns over time.

Custom Portfolios

Have specific criteria or priorities for your investments? From green to socially responsible investing, we can custom create an investment solution that aligns with your values.

In-house investment management team.

As an independent firm, we are nimble and able to make decisions on allocations based on the culmination of intellectual capital, experience, and extensive resources.

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