Build your wealth. Protect your life savings.
Plan for life’s goals & milestones.

The SynerG process is a turnkey approach to addressing all of your financial needs in a Total Strategic Plan. By knowing all the variables and goals upfront, we can work together to develop a long-term approach to help you get there.

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At the start of the process, we perform a complete assessment of your unique financial situation. We want to know your investment history, risk tolerance, short- and long-term goals, concerns and current financial landscape. Together we will review your current accounts, tax returns, and estate planning documents to have a total outlook of your financial planning needs.


After receiving your written approval to the proposal, we will implement the plan on your behalf, keeping you abreast of every step along the way. Should a third party need to be involved in executing any of the recommendations, we will work collaboratively to finalize all the necessary steps.


With all of the necessary information in hand, we will design a complete financial plan to address each of your goals and concerns. We will identify everything that we believe should be addressed, but it will ultimately be up to you to prioritize or accept our recommendations.


We continually monitor your plan, actively making adjustments as the economic environment or your needs change. Our tactical investment decisions balance growth and risk in an ever-changing market.


Once the plan is developed, we will walk you through each step of our recommendations, explain why we’re recommending it and what function it serves in your Total Strategic Plan. We will answer any questions you may have and adjust your plan as needed to what feels best for you.

Ongoing Collaboration

You will always have access to an advisor at SharpePoint if a question or need arises. Otherwise, we schedule regular reviews and send regular correspondence on market conditions to continually maintain alignment with your needs and expectations.