Finance is our first Language.

SynerG is our process. Let’s find out where you fit into the SharpePoint Community.


…In the Process. We will seek to understand your unique scenario and design a plan that meets your needs.


…In the Strategy. We will educate you on the core strategies and solutions in your plan before implementation.


…To Expert Support. We will monitor your plan with regular checkpoints for formal review and adjustments.

Private Client Group

Through one-on-one management, with over 50 years of collective experience, we will guide you to financial greatness.

Insurance Group

In tandem with our Strategic Partners, our experts utilize Insurance Planning to provide customized financial protection, from selection to delivery.

Risk Management Group

The importance of Asset Protection is often overlooked as a fundamental piece of the overall financial plan.  Our Insurance Strategists close this gap and provide superior expert advice on every aspect of our client’s Personal and Commercial Insurance portfolios.

Advisor Group

If you’re a professional in the financial arena, we’re here to support you. Come join the movement.

Protecting Life Well-Lived